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Release Notes - v1.8.0
Release Notes - v1.8.0

Convert your assets into various formats while effectively overseeing both output quality and file size.

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πŸ“£ New Features & Enhancements

  1. Choose Your Output Format: Select from WebP, JPEG, or PNG for your crop outputs. Learn more.

  2. Tune Your Crops: Adjust crop quality for various uses like web, print, or professional graphics. Learn more.

  3. Increased Project Capacity: Handle up to 2000 files in a single project.

  4. AI Upscale Enabled by Default: All projects now automatically include AI upscaled images.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  1. Improved Zip Generation: Faster, more reliable Zip downloads, with large projects split into multiple Zips.

  2. Nullpointer Exception Handling: Enhanced error messages for expired plans, replacing the previous NullPointerException.

  3. Project Save Bug Fixed: Rapid configuration changes no longer affect project saves, ensuring data integrity.

  4. Resolved Results Page Flickering: Stabilized the display on the results page.

  5. Disabled Editing in Failed Projects: Editing features are now inactive in failed projects for consistency.

🀧 Open Issues & Limitations

  1. Duplicate Project Configuration: Duplicating projects still copies configurations, even if not desired.

  2. Persistent "Object Attached Side" Warning: This warning remains even after closing the project.

  3. Input Image Dimension Limitation: While larger images can be uploaded, output sizes must be below 25 Megapixels.

  4. Background Cleanup Tool Compatibility: Currently not compatible with Content-Aware Resize.

  5. Background Cleanup Tool Size Limitation: Does not support files larger than 25 Megapixels.

  6. PNG Files with Transparent Borders: Issues with the Background Cleanup tool when processing these files.

  7. File Order Display Issue: Occasionally, uploaded files may not display in the correct order.

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