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Save Cropped Images in Various Formats
Save Cropped Images in Various Formats

Learn how to save your cropped images in popular formats like JPEG, WEBP, and PNG

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Unleash your creativity and tailor your content exactly how you want it with the "Output Format" feature. These settings puts you in control, allowing you to pick the perfect image format for your cropped images based on your unique needs.

Here's a simple guide to help you choose an appropriate image format:

File Format

When to use?


Your Go-To Choice!

  • Best For: Almost every situation you can think of.

  • Advantages: It's the most commonly used format, so it's widely accepted everywhere. Plus, it helps keep your file sizes smaller, making it easier to share and upload.

  • When to Use: Great for everyday photos, website images, and when you need to balance quality with file size.


Known for Clarity and Transparency!

  • Best For: Images that need clear, sharp details or have transparent parts (like logos or graphics).

  • Advantages: It preserves all the quality of your image (that's what we mean by 'lossless compression') and lets you have transparent backgrounds.

  • When to Use: Ideal for graphics, logos, and images where you don't want a background or need every detail to be crystal clear.


The Modern All-Rounder

  • Best For: When you want high-quality images but don't want them to take up too much space.

  • Advantages: It's a newer format that provides great quality, often better than JPEG, but with smaller file sizes. It also supports transparent backgrounds.

  • When to Use: Perfect for web images where you want to maintain quality but need to keep the website running fast.

Auto will use the same format as input, unless chosen options results in different file format.

These settings ensures compatibility and flexibility, allowing you to tailor your cropped images to seamlessly integrate with your existing tools & systems such as your CMS. In short, make your content shareable, versatile, and visually stunning with the Output Format feature.

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