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Release Notes - v1.6.0
Release Notes - v1.6.0

Introducing lifestyle image crop

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πŸ“£ New features & enhancements

  1. Lifestyle Crop Automation: We're thrilled to introduce our new Lifestyle Crop Automation feature! This specialized tool is designed to crop lifestyle photos while preserving their backgrounds. It uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to ensure that the main subject is perfectly positioned and sized.
    ​Click here to learn more.

🐞 Bug fixes

  1. Headless Crop Edit Configuration Fix: We've resolved the issue where clicking on the Edit icon would redirect users to the first step instead of the crop marker settings.

  2. WebP Handling Improved: We fixed a bug where input WebP images resulted in JPEG output. Now, if the input is WebP, the output will be WebP as well.

  3. Automation Execution Speed: We've improved the speed of our automations. Now, they'll finish faster, even under normal loads.

  4. Body Parts Cropping Centering Issue: We resolved the bug where left and right margin values were slightly off, resulting in off-centered output.

  5. Download of Zip Containing Same Name Files: We fixed the issue where Zip downloads failed when a project had multiple files with the same name.

🀧 Open issues & limitations

  1. Duplicate Project Configuration: Duplicate projects still duplicate configurations, even when the user requests not to.

  2. Persistent "Object Attached Side" Warning: The warning window persists even after closing the project.

  3. "Upload More" Button Glitch: The "Upload More" button doesn't work during an ongoing upload.

  4. Random UI Update Issues in Content-Aware Settings: Some random UI issues in Content-Aware settings are being addressed.

  5. Input Images Dimension Limitation: You can upload images with larger pixel dimensions, such as 48MP. However, the output sizes you select must be less than 25MP.

  6. Background Cleanup Tool Compatibility: The Background Cleanup tool is currently incompatible with Content-Aware Resize. Please turn off Content-Aware Resize to use the Background Cleanup tool. We'll address this in future releases.

  7. Background Cleanup Tool Limitation: The Background Cleanup tool doesn't work for files larger than 25 Megapixels. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.

  8. PNG Files with Transparent Borders: The Background Cleanup tool may have issues with PNG files containing transparent borders and pixels.

  9. File Order Display: Sometimes, uploaded files may not be displayed in the correct order. We're actively working on resolving this.

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