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Auto Resize & Align Automation
Auto Resize & Align Automation

Streamline Your eCommerce Gallery with Bulk Resizing and Aligning

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What is Auto Resize & Align?

Auto Resize & Align Automation in leverages AI algorithms to bulk process your eCommerce images, uniformly resizing and aligning each product within the frame while replacing the background with a consistent backdrop. This ensures that a variety of products, from shoes and beverages to home decor, not only appear polished but also maintain a consistent eye level, enhancing the browsing experience across multiple aspect ratios on your online storefront.

When to Use Auto Resize & Align?

Suitable For:

  1. Online shoe stores looking to align product images for a clean, unified display.

  2. Beverage companies needing to standardize bottle or can placement across listings.

  3. Home decor shops aiming to present multiple items like vases, lamps, and furniture at a consistent eye level.

  4. Fashion retailers wanting to ensure clothing items are presented uniformly across categories.

  5. Multi-brand platforms or marketplaces that require consistency in product presentation for an improved user experience.

  6. Batch processing of product images for seasonal campaigns or sales.

  7. Digital marketing teams looking to create cohesive and visually appealing social media feeds or ad galleries.

  8. Businesses transitioning from physical stores to an online platform and require a standardization of existing product photos.

How does Auto Resize & Align work?

How to Configure Auto Resize & Align?

Step-by-Step Guide for Auto Resize & Align Crops

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Auto Resize & Align Crop, do yourself a favor and check out our Getting Started Guide. Trust us, it'll make the journey ahead a smooth ride!

Step 1: Create Auto Resize & Align Crop Automation

Click on the "Auto Resize & Align" automation option, designed precisely to crop eCommerce product images, like shoes, beverages, watches etc.

Step 2: Background Replace

Ensure the "Remove Background" checkbox is selected; this automation won't function without it.

Learn more about remove background settings.

Click "Next."

Step 3: Choose the Content-Aware Resize Margin Settings

Make sure to check the Content-Aware Resize flag to enable this feature.

Select the margins surrounding the object. will intelligently position the object based on these maximum margins, provided it doesn't result in cutting off the object.

Learn more about the content-aware margin settings.

Once you're satisfied, click the "Next" button.

Step 3: Output Size

Choose Output Size: Select your preferred custom output sizes. You can add multiple output sizes for convenience.

Learn more about outputs.

Step 4: Upload & Start Crop

Click "Next" to proceed and start uploading your images.

  1. Review and Start Cropping: Review the configuration on the left and once the files are uploaded, click "Start Crop" to kick off the automation

  2. Wait for Cropping to Complete: Allow the system to complete the crops. This may take a minute or two depending on the number of files.
    ​Note: The initial startup time for our AI models is typically 30s-1min independent of number of images. So 1 or 10 images may take similar time.

Learn more about how to upload your images.

Step 6: Download Your Crops

Once cropping is done, click "Download all" to obtain all your headshot extracts.

Learn more about downloads.

Tips and Tricks 🌟

  1. Output image has more margin around the object

    If your output image has more margin than desired, create a new project and adjust the "Margin Settings" to suit your need. Experiment with the automation on a few images to find the ideal settings.

  2. Reuse Configurations: You can easily duplicate the settings for a future project. This feature saves you time by avoiding the need to redo your configurations.
    Often you want to uncheck duplicate media and just duplicate the configuration:
    This allows you to add new files and do a quick batch crop with already tuned settings.


Still Facing Issues?

If you're not achieving the desired results, don't worry. Reach out to us through the in-app chat icon. Our AI experts are available to assist you in real-time and will guide you through the process. They will guide you through the process to ensure a successful outcome, helping you complete your tasks without any obstacles.

Not Your Crop of Tea? 🌱

Explore the other crop automations we offer to find your perfect match!

Looking for Customized Cropping? πŸ› 

If you need a custom cropping solution, use the chat below to consult with our AI expert for tailored AI models to fit your needs.


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