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A Step-by-Step Guide to
A Step-by-Step Guide to

Learn how to setup and run AI-driven automations on your images in bulk

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You’ve got images with one or more faces, products or objects that need to be edited or cropped, and is here to automate it for you.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to create a smart crop automation from scratch using

  2. How to export to multiple sizes or aspect ratios

  3. How to upload media

  4. How to run smart crop automation

  5. How to download your crops

Ready? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Start a smart crop automation

To begin, choose the desired automation from the homepage.

New automations are regularly added so keep an eye on the home page for future automations.

Pro Tip: Haven't found the automation you're looking for? No worries—our support team is here to help! Simply reach out via chat, and we can often enable new AI models tailored to your specific needs at no cost to you. Prepare to be amazed as your bulk image editing dreams become a reality!

Want to know more about a , "Coming soon", automation? Click the card, to learn more about it.

Step 2: Configure your presets isn't your typical single-image editor. It's engineered for handling multiple images in one go. Before you even think about uploading your images, set up your presets. This might seem like putting the cart before the horse, but once you experience the efficiency of batch editing, you'll understand why we do it this way.

To help you set up your presets with greater ease, we offer sample images for you to work with. We know you're eager to upload your own images—don't worry, that step comes at the end of the configuration process. Just bear with us a little longer.

Depending on the automation you select, the configuration steps will vary. Need more info? Just click on the automation in question and look for the '?' icon to get all the details you need. Below is a list of our currently supported automations, complete with their individual setup guidelines.

All of our Automations:

Automation Type

Brief Description

Suitable For

More Details

Headless Crops 👤

AI-driven cropping from on-model images using facial markers like "nose," "between eyes & lips."

Retail or Wholesale Fashion 🛒

Flat Lay Magic 🛋️

Intelligent alignment & content-aware scaling for flat-lay images.

Product Photography 📦

Learn More

Body-Aware Crops 🦵

Cropping based on AI-recognized body markers like waist, shoulders, knees, etc.

Fashion, Undergarments, Fitness 🏋️

Headshot Fix 🖼️

Optimizes framing for headshots in bulk.

Sports, Professional Headshots 🏈👔

Volume Photos 📚

Designed for batch-editing event photos.

School, Event Photography 🏫🎉

Shadow Add 🌒

Adds shadows to objects for a more dynamic look.

Product Photos 📦

Lifestyle Crops 🌱

Auto-aligning & resizing lifestyle photos without background removal.

Lifestyle, Social Media 🏡📱

Learn More

And remember, make sure to pick one or more output sizes that suit your needs. Don't see your preferred dimensions? No worries—you can easily add a custom size right from the output size panel. will automatically smart-resize your content to fit within each and every image size you've selected:

Step 3: Upload media

Now that you've fine-tuned your crop settings using our preview images, you're all set to apply them to your own collection of photos. Go ahead and upload your images—drag and drop them into the 'Select Media' panel or use the 'Select from Device' option.

As soon as your images are uploaded to our cloud, you'll see their thumbnails pop up, complete with basic metadata like creation date and file size.

In addition to your media, you'll also see a summary of your settings appear on the left panel for review. Your uploaded media will show up on the right. From here, you can choose to apply settings to all your images or just a select few.

Step 4: Start cropping

Click "Start Crop" to unleash our AI models on your selected images. They'll work in parallel to speed up the processing time. You'll see real-time progress updates on the page as each crop is completed.

Please note that our AI model takes a set amount of time to launch, regardless of the number of images you have. To see quicker overall processing times, we recommend uploading batches of 9 or more images at once.

Step 5: Download crops

After the process is complete, you can download your newly-cropped images directly from the summary view. If you've set up Rename settings, the files within the downloaded zip might bear new names. Each output size will have its own folder, and all related images will be organized neatly underneath it.

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