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Background Settings

Use it with the "Remove Background" option

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Note: The options below are available only when the Remove Background setting is selected.

Use this option to select the background that will apply to images after their background removal.

You can select your outputs with a transparent background, white background, custom solid color, or another background image.

You can preview a background using the sample images to get an idea about the outputs that the automation will generate.

Transparent background

Select Transparent to remove the background from uploaded images. Output images won't have any background and just the detected object.

White background

Select White to apply the white background color to all the uploaded images.

Custom Solid Color

Select Solid Color to apply the specific color to all the uploaded images. You can choose from our color palette or enter a RGB hex code for the desire color.

Background Image

Select Background Image to apply a custom background image to the uploaded images.

You must first upload the background in the dropping zone to use this option.

You don't have to upload the images for every project, will display the previously uploaded images to choose from.

Background image restrictions:

  1. Size must be less than 10MB.

  2. Dimension must be less than 6000x6000.

  3. Only JPEG images are allowed.

  4. Save up to ten background images.

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