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Content-Aware Resize Setting
Content-Aware Resize Setting

Detect and extract objects while maintaining aspect ratio and output size for consistent results.

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Content-Aware Resize empowers you to easily detect objects in the images, extract them, and place them to fit into your desired aspect ratio and output dimensions.

The Content-Aware Resize feature gives you complete control over the placement of objects in your images, allowing you to add customizable margins around it. This precision control ensures that your object is placed exactly where you want them and that there is enough space between the object and the edge of the image to give you a pixel-perfect output.

With Content-Aware Resize, you can easily specify your desired margin configurations, such as a 30% bottom margin and an 8% margin on the left and right of the detected object. This ensures that the object is not placed too close to the edge of the image, leaving ample space for any additional text or graphics you may want to add later.

The ability to precisely place objects and add customizable margins around them makes content-aware resizing an essential tool for anyone who wants to resize images for social media, marketing materials, online listing, e-commerce postings, or any other purpose. Try it out today and experience the difference it can make in your image-resizing workflow!

Using Content-Aware Resize

πŸ“Œ Note: Uncheck the Content-Aware Resize flag to disable this feature.

Margin Settings

Play with the margin settings to place the detected object in the output image in the desired place. You can configure vertical and horizontal margins around the object and set minimum margins around it.

With margin settings, you can:

  1. Place the detected object vertically or horizontally center with minimum margins around it.

  2. Add the vertical top or bottom margin to the object. This would allow you to place the detected object at X percentage from the top or bottom. For example, you can add a vertical bottom 30%, this will add 30% of the output image height margin to the bottom of the object. So, your object will always stay at a fixed 30% from the bottom.

  3. Add the horizontal left or right margin to the object. This would allow you to place the detected object at X percentage from left or right. For example, you can add a Horizontal left 20%, which will add 20% of the output image width margin to the object's left. So, your object will always stay at a fixed 20% from the left.

Preserve side contact

  1. Enable Preserve the side contact for the cases when you don't want the objects to be repositioned if any sides touch the edge in the input image.

Preview controls

  1. Show guidelines - Hide guides to see the preview closer, like the original.

  2. Preview in different aspect ratios - Preview in your desired aspect ratio. Toggle between: Landscape, Portrait, and Square aspect ratio.

  3. Preview in light and dark background colors - See the preview in different color shades.


Margin values are not updating the preview.

If you're experiencing an issue where changing margin values is not updating the preview, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • First, close the configuration and return to the home page. Then, reopen the project and continue with your work.

  • If the issue persists, try reloading or refreshing the page in your web browser. This often solves minor issues with the display of the preview. If the problem persists, please get in touch with our support team for further assistance.

Content-Aware Resize is disabled.

To use the Content-Aware Resize feature, you must first enable the Remove Background option. If you still need to do so, please return to the previous step and enable Remove Background before proceeding with Content-Aware Resize.

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