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How to Save & Reuse My Crop Settings?
How to Save & Reuse My Crop Settings?

Save time with the Duplicate Feature in Crop.,photo

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Do you find yourself frequently using the same crop settings such as margins, crop markers on multiple images? offers a convenient way to save and reuse your configurations, making your workflow more efficient.

Duplicate Media & Configuration

If you need to apply the same crop settings to multiple images, you don't have to start from scratch each time. Simply go to the Home page and click on the "Duplicate" option on an existing Project to reuse the media and the configuration settings you’ve already set up.

Duplicate Configuration: Uncheck Duplicate Media

There may be times when you want to keep the same settings but use them on new image files. In such cases, you can opt to uncheck the "Duplicate Media" box while still choosing to "Duplicate configuration"

This function allows you to add new files for processing and then apply your saved settings for quick batch cropping.


Utilizing the "Duplicate" feature effectively can save you both time and effort, especially when you have a set of configurations you often use. Try it out to streamline your image processing tasks.

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