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About our SMB Paid Plans
About our SMB Paid Plans

Learn about plans for small businesses

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Small & medium business (SMB) owners including Amazon Sellers, Shopify, Big Commerce stores often don't have the resources to hire an offshore retouching firm or have dedicated graphics designers in their ranks.

By automating common image editing tasks in they can save time and money. Our SMB subscription plans are designed to keep the money in your pocket through cost-effective AI-powered automations.

Plan limits

Each of our SMB paid plan has the exact same features that you love, with only the image limits varying between subscription plans. For example, a plan* might show this:

Up to 500 Smart Crops per month
$0.15 per Smart Crop after limit
Up to 422 Background Removal per month
$0.30 per Background Removal after limit

*Note: This is just an example actual plan lists may vary

Line 1 above specifies how many smart crop credits can you are entitled to every month as part of your subscription. If you create 3 crops of different sizes from an image, you will consume 3 smart crop credits.

Line 2 above specifies after you reach the limit i.e. once you have used all the 500 smart crop credits, each extra smart crop will cost you an incremental $0.15

Line 4 above specifies after you reach the limit i.e. once you have used all the 422 background removal credits, each extra background removal will cost you an incremental $0.30.

The plan limit resets every month from when you started the subscription. For example, if you start date was Oct 2, then on Nov 2 you will again get new credits. Unused credits from previous month do not rollover to the next month.

What happens after I reach plan limits?

We'll continue processing your images, and any additional usage beyond your plan's limit will be charged as overages at the end of each monthly term, based on the price per operation stated in your plan. If you anticipate exceeding your plan's limit frequently, upgrading to the next subscription tier can save you money on overage charges and give you more image credits for the next term.

If you are consistently processing more images than the limits of our SMB plans, please chat with our team to find an enterprise plan that works for your volume.

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