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Learn About Subscription Plans
Learn About Subscription Plans

Understand how our billing works, including image credits and overages.

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Automating your tasks with boosts productivity, helping you achieve great results and save time. Our subscription plans are designed to fit every budget, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your image volume. You can always upgrade or downgrade as needed.

Plan limits

Each of our paid plans includes the same features, with the only difference being the number of image credits. For example:

Monthly Rate: $250 (after discount from $500)

Available Image Credits: 4,570 credits per month

Credit Usage

Each type of image operation consumes a specific number of credits. For example:

  • Smart Crop: Uses 1.3 credits per operation.

This concept applies to all image operations, such as background removal, lifestyle crops, each with their own credit usage rate. You can find the specific credit usage rates for each operation in your selected plan details..

The plan credit usage limit resets every month from when you started the subscription. For example, if you start date was Oct 2, then on Nov 2 you will again get new credits. Unused credits from previous month do not rollover to the next month.

Maximum Usage

The maximum number of operations you can perform with your plan credits varies based on the type of operation. For example:

  • Smart Crop: Up to 3,515 smart crops with your plan credits.

If you mix and match operations, the maximum usage will vary.

For instance, you may perform 50 background removals and have fewer credits remaining for smart crops. In another month, you might only need to perform 1 background removal but require 150 smart crops.

Your current balance is shown in credits, making it easy to see how many credits are remaining. You can then calculate the remaining operations based on the credits consumed per operation.

Overages - Additional Charges (after limit)

All our subscription plans include a set number of credits. Once you use up these credits, overage charges apply based on the rates specified in your plan details for each type of operation.

Let’s work it out using the above plan as an example:

You have a $250 monthly plan that includes 4,570 credits. Since the plan was originally priced at $500, you're getting a 50% discount.

  • Credit Value: Each credit is worth $0.0547 ($250 / 4,570).

  • Operation Cost: For example, an operation that uses 4.1 credits costs $0.2243 (4.1 x $0.0547).

After you've used all 4,570 credits, the discount no longer applies, and you'll be paying the standard price of $0.10 per credit. At this point, when you attempt to perform an operation that costs 4.1 credits, our tool will notify you that you've reached your plan's credit limit. You will be given two options:

  1. Upgrade Plan: Upgrade to the next level plan to continue enjoying discounted rates and a higher credit limit.

  2. Pay Overages: Pay for the overages at the standard rate of $0.10 per credit before proceeding with the operation. In this case, the 4.1-credit operation will cost you $0.41 (4.1 x $0.10).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I reach plan limits?

We'll continue processing your images, and any usage beyond your plan's limit will be charged at the higher overage rate specified in your plan.

If you frequently exceed your plan's limit, upgrading to the next subscription tier can save you money on overage charges and provide more image credits for the next term.

Where do I find my plan credits?

You can see your available credits on the Billing page, where your current balance is shown in credits. This makes it easy to see how many credits are remaining.

Clicking on the "Change Plan" button will show you the details of your subscription, including the various credits associated with your plan, as well as the ability to switch to another plan.

How do I calculate how many more operations I can perform?

You can calculate the remaining operations based on the credits consumed per operation. Divide your current credit balance by the number of credits each operation uses to determine how many more operations you can perform.

Example Calculations -

Current Balance: 500 credits

Operation Type

Credits per Operation

Maximum Operations

Smart Crop


500 / 1.3 ≈ 385

Background Removal


500 / 2.8 ≈ 178

For Mixed Operations:

Operation Type

Number of Operations

Total Credits Used

Remaining Credits

Smart Crop


100 x 1.3 = 130

500 - 130 = 370

Background Removal


83 x 2.8 = 232.4

370 - 232.4 = 137.6

How do I update or change my plan?

If you’re already using, just click the blue Change Plan button in the plan summary. You can also check out our pricing page and upgrade from there.

If you’re the admin, you can upgrade or downgrade the subscription for your team or organization. Upgrades and downgrades take effect immediately.

Any remaining credits from your previous plan will be rolled over into your new plan for the current term.

For example:

If you were on a $250 plan with 400 credits remaining on May 6 and downgraded to a $100 plan on May 8, those 400 credits will be added to the credits you receive for the $100 plan immediately.

You will be charged $100 on May 8. This means that for the month of May, you will see two charges from, totaling $350 ($250 for the original plan and $100 for the new plan).

The benefit of this approach is that you have access to the new credits immediately without waiting for the next monthly cycle. Additionally, your billing cycle will reset to June 8, and you will be charged $100 for the new plan in the next cycle. This ensures you can continue your operations seamlessly and manage your budget effectively.

How do I update my payment card?

Just click the Update blue button to enter a new credit card for billing.

How do I pause or cancel my plan?

Please check out this help article for instructions.

Existing Credits

If you switch to the free plan, your existing credits will remain in your account until the end of the billing cycle. You won’t lose your credits and can continue using them throughout the current billing cycle.

Still have questions before you upgrade? You can start a free trial or contact our sales team via the chat. We’re ready to answer any questions you have to make sure that upgraded subscription is right for you!

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