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About the Free Trial Plan

Learn about free trial plan

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The free trial is meant to give you a real feel for the power of automation. To make the best use of the trial, select 1-2 representative image and try the features with them.

If you wish to try with a larger batch, say with 50+ images, you will need more credits than the free plan allows. Please subscribe to a paid plan or contact us via the chat below for help.

Plan limits

The free trial plan has the exact same features as any of paid plans, with only the image limits varying between subscription plans. For example, right now our free trial plan includes:

Up to 5 Smart Crops per month
Up to 5 Background Removal per month
30 days of free trial

Line 1 above specifies you can use 5 crop credits. If you create 3 crops of different sizes from 1 image, you will consume 3 smart crop credits.

Line 2 above specifies after you reach the limit i.e. once you have used all the 5 background removal credits, you will not be able to crop or run automation of anymore images.

Line 3 above specifies after the said days, your free trial credits will expire and you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue.

What happens after I reach the free trial plan limits?

Once your free trial credits have expired at the end of the trial period or you have consumed them with the automations you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue.

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