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Understand how our billing works to avoid any interruptions to your automations

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Please see the latest article here to better understand our billing plans and how they work.

All our subscription plans include a set number of credits. Once you use up these credits, overage charges apply. Read on to learn how this works.

Where do I find my plan credits?

From the billing page you will find your current plan.

billing plan details

Clicking on the change plan will show you the plan details of your subscription, along with the various credits:

How do I see available credits?

Although it's not possible to view your available credits directly, you can check your overall balance from the billing page. The reason we don't display available credits is because we can't predict how many operations of each type you'll run during a billing cycle.

For instance, you may perform over 50 background removals and have fewer credits remaining for smart crops. In the following month, however, you might only need to perform 1 background removal but require 150 smart crops.

The calculation can be a bit complex, but it's essentially the unit price multiplied by the number of image operations each time you run an automation. This amount is deducted from your balance till it reaches zero, and then overages apply.

No matter what, If your subscription balance runs out, you can always rely on our automated overage billing to your payment method of choice at the end of the monthly term. This ensures your automations never stop even when you hit your plan limits.

If you really want to know the available credit for an operation you can simply divide your current balance by the unit price of the operation., For example, with our starter plan if you did only one type of operation:

Current balance

Smart crop credits available

Background removal available


$50/0.20 = 250

$50/0.50 = 100


$10/0.20 = 50

$10/0.50 = 20

If you did a mix of operations on the starter plan, your credits might look like this:

Current balance

Credits available


100 smart crops (100x$0.20 = $20) &
60 background removals (60x$0.50 = $30)


20 smart crops (20x$0.20 = $2) &
16 background removals (16x$0.50 = $8)

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