Headshot Fix Automation

Capture sharp headshots for sports, socials, yearbooks, ads, and IDs.

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What is Headshot Fix?

The Headshot Fix feature in Crop.photo is engineered to automate the headshot editing process for large collections of images with faces. By utilizing state-of-the-art AI face recognition, it negates the need for manual cropping and adjustments across hundreds of similar kind of photos.

Note: This automation allows you to either use your existing backgrounds or optionally change the backgrounds for all your images in a batch.

When to Use Headshot Fix?

Example 1: Team thumbnails for a league using Head to Should marker

Recommended AI Settings

Example 2: Professional headshots in bulk for organization

Recommended Settings

Example 3: ID card images with Head as maker

Recommended Settings

Example 4: Team thumbnails for a sports league using Face marker

Recommended Settings

Suitable for

  • Squad thumbnails in a sports league

  • Corporate professional headshots in bulk

  • ID cards for an organization at scale

  • Profile pictures for academic yearbooks

  • Talent agency portfolios

  • Staff directories for large institutions or enterprises

  • Conference or event badges for attendees and speakers

  • National passport photo requirements, for expedited mass processing

How does it work?

How to Configure it?

Step-by-Step Guide for Extracting Headshots using Crop Around

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Headshot Fix, do yourself a favor and check out our Getting Started Guide. Trust us, it'll make the journey ahead a smooth ride!

Step 1: Create Custom Face Crop Automation

Click on the "Headshot Fix" automation option, designed for precise headshot extraction.

Step 2: Choose Crop Around and Proceed

Select the "Crop Around" option and hit the "Next" button.

Step 3: Select a Marker from the Crop Marker Dropdown

Please select from one of the below, we recommend the default "Head to Shoulder" for most headshots:

  1. Head to shoulder

  2. Head

  3. Head to elbows

  4. Face

Pro Tip: Using head-based markers also accounts for varying hairstyles, ensuring that you won't accidentally crop it out. Be cautious when using the "Face" marker, as it could lead to cropped hair.

  1. Fine-Tune with Advanced Settings: Expand the Advanced settings and change the desired values. Use the examples above for recommended settings.

  2. Move to the Next Step: Click "Next" to proceed.

Step 4: Keep Background Intact

To retain the background, make sure to uncheck the "Remove Background" checkbox. Click "Next."

Learn more about background settings if you wish to replace the background.

Step 5: Output Size

Choose Output Size: Select your preferred custom output sizes. You can add multiple output sizes for convenience.

Learn more about outputs.

Step 6: Upload & Start Crop

Click "Next" to proceed and start uploading your images.

  1. Review and Start Cropping: Review the configuration on the left and once the files are uploaded, click "Start Crop" to kick off the automation

  2. Wait for Cropping to Complete: Allow the system to complete the crops. This may take a minute or two depending on the number of files.

    Note: The initial startup time for our AI models is typically 30s-1min independent of number of images. So 1 or 10 images may take similar time.

Learn more about how to upload your images.

Step 7: Download Your Crops

Once cropping is done, click "Download all" to obtain all your headshot extracts.

Learn more about downloads.

Tips and Tricks 🌟

  1. Output image has more background than desired

    If your output image includes more background area than desired, create a new project and adjust the "Crop Around" margin for the specific side you wish to trim more. Experiment with the automation on a few images to find the ideal settings.

  2. Duplicate media & configuration
    If you need to repeat the same crop again and again, from the Home page please click on the "Duplicate" option to reuse the configuration.

    Often you want to uncheck duplicate media and just duplicate the configuration:

    This allows you to add new files and do a quick batch crop with already tuned settings.

Still Facing Issues?

If you're not achieving the desired results, don't worry. Reach out to us through the in-app chat icon. Our AI experts are available to assist you in real-time and will guide you through the process. They will guide you through the process to ensure a successful outcome, helping you complete your tasks without any obstacles.

Not Your Crop of Tea? 🌱

Explore the other crop automations we offer to find your perfect match!

Looking for Customized Cropping? 🛠

If you need a custom cropping solution, use the chat below to consult with our AI expert for tailored AI models to fit your needs.

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