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Release Notes - (beta)
Release Notes - (beta)

Open issues we are working on

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While we're in beta, we're working at full speed to roll out app improvements and new features. If you take us for a spin, and hit any road bumps along the way, check here first to see if we are already working on fixing it. If not, please use the chat icon

below to report an issue to our team.

General web browser Issues

  1. Web app UI styling glitches: You may be using an unsupported browser. Right now we recommend sticking with the supported browser listed here.

Settings screen issues

  1. User profile settings does not work yet

  2. Removal of account is not supported

  3. Removal of all user data is not supported

Upload screen issues

  1. Search doesn’t work while uploading the assets

  2. Deleting/canceling the upload midstream is slow.

  3. Screen refresh after deleting uploaded assets may be glitchy

Summary screen issues

  1. Once crops are completed, the thumbnails may load slowly on the page. Just do a reload in the browser to refresh right away

  2. Searching for the crops on the summary page is not supported

  3. Select all doesn’t work, it only selects the assets which are visible. Please scroll down and load more assets and then select all to download them.

Download issues

  1. Navigating out of the Summary page cancels the Zip generation process, users have to request the Zip again. Please let the Zip generation complete first before navigating out of the Summary page.

  2. Download Zip file creation can take longer than a few minutes.

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