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Release Notes - v1.5.0
Release Notes - v1.5.0

Faster uploads via AWS S3 Acceleration

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πŸ“£ New features & enhancements

  1. Faster Uploads via AWS S3 Acceleration: Experience lightning-fast file uploads with the adoption of AWS S3 acceleration.

  2. Download Improvements: Zip up to 10 images in the browser for a quicker and smoother download experience.

  3. Minor UI Improvements in Project Flow: Enhancements in the project configuration wizard for a faster and accurate rendering of the settings.

🐞 Bug fixes

  1. Duplicate Project Bugs: Resolved the issue where newly created projects weren't duplicating without a screen refresh.

  2. Project Rename Related Bug Fixes.

  3. Enhanced Unicode Character Handling: Experience improved management of Unicode characters within the platform. File names with Unicode characters are now accurately processed and can be seamlessly downloaded. You can even use Unicode characters in project names, ensuring a smooth download experience for the entire project without any hitches.

🀧 Open issues & limitations

  1. Download Zip failure: is failing when files with same name exists in the project.

  2. Duplicate Project Configuration: Duplicate projects still duplicate configurations even when the user requests not to.

  3. Persistent "Object Attached Side" Warning: The warning window persists even after closing the project.

  4. "Upload More" Button Glitch: The "Upload More" button doesn't work during an ongoing upload.

  5. Random UI Update Issues in Content-Aware Settings.

  6. Input images you upload can have larger pixel dimensions, such as 48MP. Still, the output sizes you select must be less than 25MP. For example, an output size of 5000x5000 pixels will be 25MP; this will work.

  7. But if you choose a larger output size, such as 6000x6000 pixels (30MP), that is not supported if background removal is selected.

  8. The Background Cleanup tool is incompatible with Content-Aware Resize. Please turn off Content-Aware Resize to use the Background Cleanup tool. We will address this in future releases.

  9. Background cleanup tool not working for files which are larger than 25Megapixels. This will be addressed in next upcoming release.

  10. Background cleanup tool not handling the PNG files which has transparent borders and transparent pixels.

  11. Sometimes, uploaded files doesn't come in correct display order.

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