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Test your settings risk-free with our sample images

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Sample images are complementary images provided by our service to help you test & preview your bulk editing settings without consuming your credits.

Sample image sin app

As you navigate through the step-by-step settings wizard in your automation project, you can choose from several sample images provided by us, to see how a particular action would look like.

Use the left or right arrow key to navigate through available sample images. Click on a thumbnail of a sample image to preview your settings with it.

πŸ‘‰ There is no cost for using our sample images.

This allows you to visually design your cropping mask, margins and other settings to your liking at no cost before you apply them to your media.

This is a point worth repeating, you do not need your media in order to configure the smart crop automation. Once you configure, our app will use AI algorithms to follow your settings to crop your actual media.

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