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Crop size setting
Crop size setting

Content-aware cropping

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The Crop size settings control how large of a crop area is applied to each of your image that are part of the automation you are about to start.

When our app performs a crop on an image, it looks up the top, left, right and bottom percentages crop size settings first, then it computes the crop area relative to your image width or height keeping in mind the selected face marker.

In other works our smart crop automation is content aware and will adjust the crop area for each image based on the location of facial markers in that image so that you don't have to move the crop mask for each image.

With either crop types - Crop from or Crop around, you can change the size of the crop area using the Crop size controls on the canvas. This allows you to compose your crop with the desired area of interest. For example, to remove the left and right of the image, you could set the Left and Right to 70%:

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