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Release Notes - v1.0.7
Release Notes - v1.0.7
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πŸ“£ New features & enhancements

  1. Set Custom Background Image: With Remove Background radio button selected, choose the new option to set a custom background image for all your crops. Click here to learn more.

  2. Download a crop from the preview page: We have made it easy to download a crop from the preview page. Now you can download the cropped image as you are previewing.

🐞 Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the issue in change password flow whereby clicking on Save without entering a new password generated an error.

  2. Fixed an infinite loading issue when a sample image is clicked twice.

  3. Minor bug fixes in the duplicate project flow, whereby occasionally, the duplicate project failed to copy all the config options.

  4. Fixed the rendering bug in Remove Background | Solid Color option.

🀧 Open issues & limitations

  1. Input images you upload can have larger pixel dimensions, such as 48MP. Still, the output sizes you select must be less than 25MP. For example, an output size of 5000x5000 pixels will be 25MP; this will work.

  2. But if you choose a larger output size, such as 6000x6000 pixels (30MP), that is not supported if background removal is selected.

Release Date: 7th March 2023

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