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Smart Resize + Remove Background
Smart Resize + Remove Background

Automatically resize plus remove or replace background from images in bulk

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When to use it?

This is an automation that has broad use-cases. Anytime you need to retouch - resize, replace or remove background - multiple images in bulk with or without models or persons in it, this automation is a big time saver.

Why do I need to resize my images?

Anytime you post your images online you need to be aware of the image dimensions for optimal layout on the web site. For example, certain product categories on Amazon marketplace require your images to be 1000 pixels by 1600 pixels. Your website CMS may require the images to be 1920x1080 pixels.

Whatever the use-case, if you find yourself resizing images frequently, then this automation is for you.

Our Smart Resizer will ensure the best fit for an image given the dimensions constraints. That may mean we automatically scale the image to best fit the output size, irrespective of how the original image is shot.

Why do I need to remove or replace my image background?

Many reasons - the marketplace where you are listing your product images may require a white background. Or, your website style guide requires a grey gradient for all product images. The creative in you may want to get a transparent background going in order to composite it with another layer.

Our background removal & replacement tool is optimized for variety of images - people, cars, animals, products. Best part, it's all done in the cloud, no app to install for bulk background removal.

What kind of images is it best for?

Any kind - people, cars, animals, products - are all welcomed.

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