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Guide to AI-Powered Image Upscaling
Guide to AI-Powered Image Upscaling

Unlock High-Resolution Magic: Effortlessly Enhance Your Images with AI Upscale

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Introducing the AI Upscale feature, a groundbreaking tool that seamlessly scales low-resolution images to higher resolutions while fully integrating with our advanced cropping automation.

Whether you're engaging in smart cropping, background removal, or lifestyle cropping, AI Upscale works in tandem to elevate the quality of your images. The process is automatic, ensuring that every image you work with meets the highest standards of clarity and detail.

AI Upscale: On by Default for Your Convenience

AI Upscale is a standard feature in all our automations and is activated by default. This ensures that every image you process benefits from this advanced technology without additional steps.

Prefer to manage when AI Upscale kicks in? Just look at the image below. You'll see a red toggle – that's your key to turning AI Upscale on or off as needed. Flip it whenever you like, depending on what your project demands. Simple as that!

Ideal Scenarios for Using AI Upscale

  • Dealing with Low-Resolution Vendor Images: It's always ideal to start with high-resolution images, but often, vendors provide lower resolution shots. AI Upscale comes to the rescue, resizing these images to your desired dimensions while maintaining impressive output quality.

  • Revamping Your Website: When migrating images from an old website to a new, modern platform, AI Upscale ensures your visuals remain sharp and engaging in a higher resolution format.

  • Scaling Up: It's the perfect solution whenever your output dimensions are larger than your current set of images, ensuring no loss in image quality.

With AI Upscale, you're not just scaling images; you're upgrading their potential. Try it out and see the difference in clarity and detail that AI Upscale brings to your digital imagery workflow.


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