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Export automatically to as many Social Media formats in one go

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The most popular social media export formats are available as presets that you can select. This ensures you do not have to lookup the Social Media channel's size & resolution recommendations.

Content-aware resizing & cropping

If the native aspect ratio and the exported aspect ratio are different, behind the screen, our app uses AI-driven content-aware resizing to export your crop to fill the entire canvas edge to edge!

For example, if you are exporting for Instagram, the recommended resolution is 1080x1080 i.e. 1:1 square aspect ratio. Our content-aware crop will automatically re-size to produce the best looking crop:

For example,

Original aspect ratio: 1766 x 2228 i.e. 1:1.26

Content-aware Instagram export: 1080x1080 i.e. 1:1 aspect ratio

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